International PhD


We offer a full-time, three-year advanced doctoral programme for outstanding students who want to achieve an ambitious training. The PhD program includes three research paths: a path in "Economics", a path in "Management" and a path in "Quantitative Methods". The three pathways share a series of common courses, in addition to specialized courses for each subject. The PhD training takes place during the first semester of the first year. Most classes take place in Sassari, while some courses are organized jointly with the University of Venezia. By the end of the first semester all students have identified a supervisor, and the topic of their thesis. During the second, and third year, students work on their thesis under the close supervision of at least one faculty member and enjoy a vibrating research environment.

At least 3 months of the PhD is spent in a research institution abroad.


The Ph.D. in EMQM has a few of active ERASMUS agreements for the exchange mobility of doctoral students. Moreover, the PhD has a Double Degree Agreement with the Université de Bordeaux. Provided that both institutions' academic requirements have been met, participants will be receiving a graduate degree both from Sassari and the foreign institution. Over time, it has also activated industrial partnerships with reputed partner such as Banco di Sardegna, BiBanca and Sardaleasing.

Official languages: English

Coordinator: Dimitri PAOLINI (personal webpage – email)

Teaching, I Year of the Ph.D. in EMQM (a.y. 2022-2023)

Call for application