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The Department of Economics and Business at the University of Sassari is a medium-sized Italian institution that is highly committed to training graduates and young scholars to contribute to the diffusion of higher knowledge and the cultural and economic progress of the territory.

Established in Sassari in 1990 as a Faculty of Economics and Commerce, the Department formally changed to its current denomination of “Department of Economics and Business” (DiSea) in November 2012.



The Department (DiSea) hosts a multidisciplinary research environment where academics apply a wide range of methodologies to study:

 – Business Administration and management

 – Economics

 – Law

 – Quantitative studies

The Department currently includes more than 50 between faculty members and adjunct professors from diverse fields of study. The scientific research and the international training of most of the faculty members result in outstanding publications in highly ranked journals The Department’s research projects are often funded by important national and international institutions and supported by a dense network of international relations.

The Department is recognised as one of the best for teaching quality (Censis Guide, 2016). It offers a wide range of Bachelor (three-year degree courses) and Master's degree programs (two-year degree courses). In addition, the DiSea’s academic program comprises post-graduate study and research activities, including PhD courses, Masters, and international exchange projects (see educational programs for further information).

Students have the opportunity to attend courses at Universities in other European countries and in the rest of the world, and to take part in work experience programmes with international companies and institutions (Erasmus+ Actions).

The Department aims at narrowing the gap between the academic world and companies by operating in synergy with the main economic and institutional players (companies, public institutions, professional orders) at local, regional, national and international level. Consistently, the Department ha constituted an Internship Office, which promotes actions designed to meet local needs and facilitates the placement of enrolled students and graduates in the business world with internships and training at companies and at public and private institutions.